Tetrahedron is a privately held company created in July 2003 by Jean-Claude YADAN, Irene ERDELMEIER and Marc MOUTET.




The goal of Tetrahedron is to help maintain or restore a healthy life by designing and developing new active ingredients for cosmeceutical, nutritional, biomedical and therapeutical applications.

These ingredients may be:

  • Natural compounds, such as L-ergothioneine, for which Tetrahedron develops new and sustainable synthesis processes allowing an industrial production of these compounds. In this regard, Tetrahedron proposes L-ergothioneine in bulk quantities, as ERGONEINE® for Nutrition and as BIONEINE® for Cosmetics.
  • Or original molecules derived from natural compounds, such as NutraSelen®, a precursor of L-selenomethionine, therefore providing proprietary compounds.



The Management Team has a shared experience of over 20 years in designing and managing R&D projects in Cosmetics, Diagnostics, Nutrition and Therapeutics, including in particular the Research and Development of new active compounds and the patent filing.

Its expertise lies at the Chemistry-Biology interface, in Free Radical Biology, Enzymology, Sulphur and Selenium Chemistry, as well as in process development in the context of sustainable chemistry.


Publications / Communications and patents


Patent portfolio of Tetrahedron

  • New selenohydroxy acids and their derivatives, applications in nutrition, cosmetics and pharmaceutics (WO2006008190)
  • Process for preparing 2-hydroxy-4-methylselenobutyric acid, alone or as a mixture with its sulphur-containing analogue, and uses thereof in nutrition, in particular in animal nutrition (WO2008049927)
  • Non-photosynthetic micro-organisms enriched with organic selenium from seleno-hydroxyacid compounds, and applications thereof in the fields of nutrition, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals (WO2010023291)
  • Method for the synthesis of 2-thiohistidine and the like (WO2011042478)
  • Method for the synthesis of ergothioneine and the like (WO2011042480)