1. Object


1.1 The general sales conditions described below detail the rights and obligations of the company TETRAHEDRON (hereinafter referred to as "TETRAHEDRON") and his client in connection with the sale of the goods mentioned on TETRAHEDRON web site in the e-Shop section. The contractual partner of TETRAHEDRON (hereinafter referred to as the "BUYER") explicitly accepts the contents of these general sales conditions and guarantees to not resell TETRAHEDRON's products at smaller quantities than purchased.


1.2 TETRAHEDRON reserves the right to modify these general sales conditions at any time, providing that these modifications appear on TETRAHEDRON web site. The general sales conditions applicable are those in effect at the date of the order by the BUYER. If you have any question, you can contact TETRAHEDRON using the form available here.


2. Orders


2.1 Orders can be directly performed on the web site of TETRAHEDRON in the e-Shop section. Orders will be confirmed by e-mail.


2.2 Alternatively, orders must be made in writing:

  • by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • by regular mail at the following address: TETRAHEDRON, 14 avenue de l'Opéra, 75001 Paris, France


Any order sent to TETRAHEDRON should include the following information:

  • complete identity of the BUYER,
  • billing address and delivery address,
  • VAT number or exemption certificate, if the BUYER comes from a State Member of the European Community,
  • the quantity, the reference or designation of the product ordered.

Orders performed according to 2.2 are processed in two working days following their receipt. They will be confirmed in writing by e-mail, mail or fax. These orders must be accompanied by a payment as described in 4.


2.3 Receipt by the BUYER of confirmation of order will mean that the sale is concluded.


2.4 Cancellation or modification of the order by the BUYER shall be subject to the express written acceptance and to the conditions specified by TETRAHEDRON. Should the BUYER modify an order after acceptance, TETRAHEDRON shall no longer be bound by the initially agreed delivery date.


3. Prices


3.1 Quoted prices are those in effect at the date of the order. They are calculated in euros, exclusive of taxes and shipping cost.


3.2 For orders performed on the web site of TETRAHEDRON (see 2.1) and for the State Members of the European Community, prices will be raised the VAT rate applicable in France at the time of ordering.


3.3 For orders performed according to 2.2 and for the State Members of the European Community, prices will be raised the VAT rate applicable in France at the time of ordering if a VAT number or an exemption certificate is not given when ordering.


4. Terms of Payment


For the first order performed according to 2.2, an advance payment by the BUYER is required. This pre-payment may be performed by check or wire transfer. The information necessary to credit the bank account of TETRAHEDRON are the following:

  • Account Owner: TETRAHEDRON
  • National Bank Account Identifier: 11449 00002 0211976001K 91
  • International Bank Account Identifier (IBAN): FR7311449000020211976001K91
  • Bank Identifier Code (BIC): BDEIFRPPXXX


For following orders performed by the BUYER according to 2.2, the terms of payment will be specified in agreement with TETRAHEDRON.


5. Delivery


5.1 Products ordered and sold are delivered within 15 days of acceptance of the order by TETRAHEDRON. Delivery dates are estimates and provided for information purposes only, being subject to carrier availability and to the date at which orders are received. TETRAHEDRON undertakes to make every effort to deliver orders within the 15 days of acceptance, with respect to standard delivery times for the industry.


5.2 Non compliance with initial delivery dates on the part of TETRAHEDRON will not be deemed a valid reason for cancellation of an order submitted by the BUYER and accepted by TETRAHEDRON.


5.3 In cases when TETRAHEDRON has no responsibility for organizing carriage of the ordered goods, TETRAHEDRON shall under no circumstances be held liable for late deliveries.


5.4 In the event that TETRAHEDRON cannot meet its contractual obligations due to any causes not to be influenced by TETRAHEDRON, such as, but not limited to force majeure, fire, labor problems, shortage of raw materials, supplier failure, illnesses, machinery breakdowns, TETRAHEDRON may cancel or withdraw from an agreement.


5.5 TETRAHEDRON is not responsible for any loss, damage, or delay which may occur after carrier has accepted goods for shipment. Any claims relating thereto should be made to the carrier.


5.6 The BUYER shall have no claim for damages or any other compensation if any of the above events cause TETRAHEDRON withdrawal and/or cancellation of an agreement.


5.7 No products are to be returned to TETRAHEDRON without its written authorization. Authorization may be obtained if the product does not meet specification (see Warranty). Upon receipt of material from an authorized return, TETRAHEDRON will refund the BUYER the purchase price.


6. Warranty


6.1 TETRAHEDRON warrants that its products will conform to their description as provided by TETRAHEDRON through their certificate of analysis. This warranty is exclusive and TETRAHEDRON makes no other warranty, express or implied, including any implied warranty of fitness for any particular purpose.


6.2 The BUYER expressly represents and warrants to TETRAHEDRON that BUYER will properly test and/or use any product purchased from TETRAHEDRON and/or manufacture and/or market materials produced with products purchased from TETRAHEDRON in accordance with the practices of a reasonable person who is an expert in the field and in strict compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.


6.3 The BUYER shall notify TETRAHEDRON of any defects in the goods immediately after receipt of the goods, at the latest within 14 (fourteen) days of receipt. The BUYER`s notice of defect must be provided in writing and must fully substantiate the alleged defect. The notification must be sent at Tetrahedron's address mentioned in 2.2 or by e-mail at the following address, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


6.4 In the event that the BUYER fails to notify TETRAHEDRON of any defect within 14 (fourteen) days, it is expressly agreed that the goods delivered are fully accepted.


6.5 The BUYER`s claims under this warranty shall be limited to the replacement of defective goods. This warranty does not include any consequential or other damages.


7. Applicable law, place of jurisdiction


7.1 Any dispute concerning the interpretation and enforcement of these general conditions of sale is subject to French law.


7.2 Failing amicable resolution, the dispute will be brought before the Tribunal de Commerce de Paris.