Tetrahedron has developed new synthesis processes allowing the industrial production of the following known 2-thioimidazole compounds, L‑ergothioneine and L-2-thiohistidine.

Tetrahedron also proposes derivatives of these compounds to allow structure-activity relationship studies.


With regard to the interesting properties of the 2-thioimidazole ring, three series of derivatives have been designed to introduce it into peptides or polymers and thus provide the opportunity of investigating the properties of new and patentable compounds.


All these products can be ordered on line (see below) according to our General Conditions of Sale ("Conditions générales de vente"). For request of quotation on larger quantities, please contact us.


Tetrahedron has also designed new and proprietary antioxidants, which are selenoorganic compounds. The basic structure is NutraSelen® (THD-177) which is a novel organic source of selenium, in particular through its ability to be bioconverted into L-selenomethionine, the natural source of selenium in human and animals.


For academics, free 100-mg samples of L-2-thiohistidine and NutraSelen® are available upon request.