Cosmetics – Bioneine®

Cosmetique Bioneine®Fighting against the effects of pollutants and toxic metabolites of oxygen (ROS):

Chronic skin exposure to stress factors such as UV radiation, pathogens and pollutants, as well as mitochondrial dysfunction during aging induce oxidative stress. This results in progressive loss of cell structure and functional integrity and then leads to skin damage. It is well recognized that chronic exposure to UV radiation from sunlight is a cause of mild to severe skin damage characterized by wrinkles, inflammation, photo-aging, pigmentation and photo-carcinogenesis, mainly through the triggering of reactive oxygen species (ROS) production at the cellular level.

Bioneine® (pure L-ergothioneine) as active ingredient in Skin Care

Bioneine® is a safe, new, reliable and high quality source of L-ergothioneine ( more than 99.0% purity), available as a white, odorless powder or in aqueous solution.
Bioneine® is manufactured via a proprietary process (US patent 8,399,500) using a biomimetic and sustainable approach in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice. Tetrahedron certifies that no animal/human raw materials or GMO-derived materials are used in the manufacturing of Bioneine®.

Bioneine® is characterized by:

  • Excellent stability against autoxidation( > 36 months shelf life)
  • Excellent thermic stability even at T°> 100°C
  • High water solubility (> 200 g/L)
  • Good flowability

Bioneine® is supplied as :

  • pure powder: 1-g dose for easy formulation (resulting in 0.1% w/w or 4.36 mM of L-ergothioneine when dissolved in 1 liter of water)
  • ready-to-use aqueous solution: 1L at 0.1% (4.36 mM) or 1% w/w (43.6 mM)
  • other more concentrated aqueous solutions : on request