Nutrition – Ergoneine®

Ergoneine®L-ergothioneine as physiological cytoprotective micronutrient:

Tetrahedron developed and patented a sustainable industrial process – using two natural amino-acids (L-histidine and L-cysteine) as the main raw materials and water as solvent – for the manufacture of pure L-ergothioneine, sold under the brand name Ergoneine®.

1. Why supplementing with L-ergothioneine?

Micronutrient deficiencies have consequences all throughout an individual’s lifespan (Bailey; 2015). Of greatest concern is the fact that the cycle of micronutrient deficiencies perpetuates across the generation with far-reaching consequences for future populations.

Micronutrient deficiencies are preventable and the return on investment for the provision of micronutrients is high.

The normal presence of L-ergothioneine in many body organs, including brain, skin, eyes, lungs, liver, heart, kidneys and reproductive organs suggests its potential importance for the maintenance of good health as well as its therapeutic potential both for treating and/or preventing a variety of disorders. The description of a highly specific L-ergothioneine transporter (OCTN1/ETT) further underscores its potential importance as « an important physiological cytoprotective agent which probably merits designation as a « possible vitamin » (Paul & Snyder; 2010). Very recently, L-ergothioneine has been considered as a « putative longevity vitamin » (Ames, PNAS 2018). L-ergothioneine possesses numerous properties that may be beneficial in maintaining overall health and reducing the risk and progression of disorders associated with overt as well as low-grade inflammation.

These properties include:

  • Preservating and maintaining high levels of other cellular antioxidants – such as Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Glutathione.
  • lncreasing cell respiration and energy metabolism through fat oxidation (possibly contributing to increased energy and exercise ability).
  • Protecting mitochondria from damages due to environmental ultraviolet radiation (likely to be important in protecting eyes against oxidative injury that typically lead to cataract).
  • Neutralizing hydroxyl radicals, hydrogen peroxide, peroxynitrite and hypochlorous acid, thereby providing reactive oxygen/nitrogen species scavenging capacity which, in turn, protect key molecules in the body (such as proteins, lipids and nucleic acids)
  • Thanks to the ergothioneine transporter (OCTN1/ETT), L-ergothioneine gets delivered all over the body and particularly where most needed.

Our product Ergoneine® consists of 99.5% pure L-ergothioneine.

2. Advantages of Ergoneine® as nature-identical L-ergothioneine

2.1. Safety data

The regulatory mutagenicity, toxicology and reprotoxicology studies have been performed by Tetrahedron and agreed by the US and European registration authorities evidencing the very safe profile of our product Ergoneine®.

Ergoneine® is a very safe dietary supplement even at very high doses

2.2. Clinical study

Pr. Barry Halliwell (National University of Singapore) performed a first in man study using Ergoneine® as pure synthetic L-ergothioneine (Cheah, 2017). This is the first clinical study using pure nature-identical L-ergothioneine.
This placebo-controlled, double blind study was undertaken at two doses (5mg and 25mg/day/person) during 7 days.

As with prior animal studies with L-ergothioneine, Ergoneine® is rapidly absorbed and retained by the body. In this first clinical study there were no reported adverse effects from the administration of high doses of pure L-ergothioneine as Ergoneine® in humans. ln addition, no change is observed in liver and kidney function tests and lipid profiles.

Ergoneine® is a very well-tolerated dietary supplement even at very high doses in humans

2.3. Quality

  • Very high water solubility and good heat stability, regardless of formulation
  • Odorless white powder
  • Highly pure L-ergothioneine (> 99.5%)
  • Manufactured via a proprietary process using a biomimetic and sustainable technology (WO 2011042480-A1). Reagents are all non GMO; none are of neither human nor animal origin
  • Food cGMP quality product

Ergoneine® is a very high quality dietary supplement

2.4. Regulatory Status

Ergoneine® has got:

  • a self-affirmed GRAS (January 2015) status, and
  • a Novel Food (Official Journal of European Union, March 21, 2018, L78/11) status for the general population.

Ergoneine® is the only source of synthetic L-ergothioneine authorized by the European Commission

2.5. Availability

Ergoneine®  is packaged in:

  • powder:
    • 100-gm HDPE bottle
    • 500-gm HDPE bottle
    • 1000-gm HDPE bottle
  • water solution:
    • 1L bottle of 2- to 5-mM ready to use aqueous solution: available on request
  • formulated as capsules: available on request

Ergoneine® is available at kg-scale level

2.6. Marketing advantages

Marketing advantages